“You Light Up My Life”

To begin Grade 10, students undertake a full Design Cycle project combining power electrical circuits and illumination.  The cultural and historical roles of illumination are emphasized as student design and create lighting devices.  Developing research skills is also a central aspect of this unit as students research different types of lighting, e.g. LED, incandescent, fluorescent, task, ambient, etc. and electrical safety.  Students must also have a real client and lighting problem they solve by designing and making an illumination device.











“I Did It My Way”

This is the final MYP Design unit for Grade 10 students.  It is a culmination of their design experience for some and the final preparation for DP Design Technology for others. “I Did It My Way” is a semester-long, full Design Cycle unit.  Students select projects of interest to them.  The only restriction, generally for teenage boys is, no weapons.  The focus is on extending the skills they have already learned or independently researching an area of design that has not been explicitly taught.  Students have done woodworking, metal working, programmable electronics, fashion/ textiles, and jewelry projects.  Fashion and jewelry are examples of areas of design not explicitly taught.


Green Power Eco Car Club

I started the Green Power Eco Car Club to have students build a fully operational and drivable battery powered F-24 race car. I introduced students to electrical powered vehicles and automotive engineering (power systems, drive trains, control linkages, body panel design and manufacturing, etc.). When we completed the car, we competed against local Chinese schools. We took first place in “Individual Lap Speed,” second place in “Team Speed,” and third place for the “Presentation” of our design.







“Outdoor Adventure Club”

In this co-curricular club, I organize outdoor adventure activities. They include hikes around the area of The Great Wall (Beijing), which is also nicknamed “The Wild Wall.”     I mapped, scouted and planned routes that would be both safe and challenging for the students involved. I also opened the trips up to staff. I wanted to give them all the opportunity to experience “The Wild Wall” away from the areas redeveloped for tourism. I felt it was important to do this because although The Great Wall is a 2 hour drive North of Beijing, most students and staff only experience the urban side of the city.