I believe that in order for us to all succeed, we should support each other in any way we can. By working as a team we can better serve our students.

I 3-D printed models of proteins for the HS Science department to use as teaching aids in a Biology unit.



I constructed planters for the Elementary School Instructional Greenhouse, so students could plant seeds and learn about the growth cycle.




I design and built games for the school’s annual rock festival, “Rock In The Park.”


Jazz in the Park & Film Fest - 6772156



At the request of the HS Librarian, I created a Lego Wall which consisted of my installing Lego base plates on her circulation desk. Students go there to relax and de-stress.



I helped construct sets for the HS Musical. This consisted of building movable walls, a bridge that was on wheels and a fence made of PVC pipes.

Les Miserables - 6209994(2)

Les Miserables - 6210183

Les Miserables - 6209963


I demonstrate the tools in the workshop for Grade 2 students. In addition, I 3-D print alligator clips for them.IMG_0172